Weight Loss Management

Weight Loss Management

The TLS Solution
There’s no one-size-fits-all plan for weight loss. What’s right for someone else isn’t always right for you. Many commercial weight loss programs place an emphasis on what to eat, not how to eat. Many programs focus on weight loss, rather than actual fat loss. True health and fitness is the result of an optimized ratio of muscle to fat

What is the TLS Solution?

  • Four Components
  • Low-Glycemic-Impact-Eating
  • It’s about eating right, not less
  • Body Composition
  • Focusing on fat lass instead of weight loss
  • Science-based Supplementation
  • Working with your body to enhance weight loss efforts
  • Education
  • Being aware and changing unhealthy behaviors for Life
Why Low-Glycemic Impact?
Leading a low-glycemic eating impact (GI) lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. High GI foods (white flour, sugary drinks, sweets, processed foods) spike your blood sugar, causing you to leave fat burning zone and sapping you of energy. A balanced diet of low and medium GI foods get you back on track and keeps you in fat burning zone, which is ideal for weight loss.

The class meets once a week for 12 weeks. We discuss various topics (good fats vs. bad fats, stress and your weight, sugar, grains, and more).
If you need to lose 10, 20 or more pounds; inches, and body fat all the while getting an education in good nutritional practices, this is the program for you!

For more information, contact:

Ann Marie Landel
Certified Pn Nutrition Coach
Nutrametrix Supplementation Consultant 

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